Shipping Policy

You, the customer, are guaranteed a quality product, or money back.

  1. All orders are covered by a 100% money back guarantee up to five days after delivery
  2. All claims must be supported by a photo of damaged good/product within five days, sent by email to “arch-mage`[email protected]

When approved, and if required product returned, a refund will be sent by PayPal, or check, whichever the customer prefers.

You, the customer, have the right to choose which way you want to ship.

  1. You will be presented with options at checkout with different shipping services, you will have a right to choose which service you want to use.
  2. We, Kingdom Of Harron, will not refund based on incorrect shipping address put in by the consumer.

Any item damaged, or lost in shipping, will receive a full refund, or replacement.

You, the customer, are entitled to tracking.

  1. When available, you will be given a tracking number to see when, how, and where your order will arrive.
  2. Any inquiries or questions, will be sent to “arch-mage`[email protected]

All Rights Reserved To Kingdom Of Harrron.

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