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Here you will find wands from wizards so wise, goblets from vikings so mighty, and celtic relics, from a time and land long forgotten. Welcome to The Kingdom Of Harron!

The Kingdom of Harron

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I honestly love kingdom of harron, I've been putting this off for a while, but they deserve this review and I'm going to say they are the best! I've seen them at two shows (one a faire and one a convention) and they are literally the best fantasy shop I've been to!

05Dakota Matthews

I LOVE K.o.H! I couldn't decide between two goblets, so i ordered one out of impulse, when i got it i thought i ordered the other, but i ordered he wrong goblet. I contacted customer support, asking if i could return it in exchange for the other goblet. They were quick to respond and gave me a free return shipping label, and quickly shipped the other goblet. They are THE BEST! Order from them! You will not be disappointed 🙂

Ryan Spring

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